we believe energy is an operating cost that can be measured and managed.

Foresight bundles engineering, consulting, and an energy management dashboard to add value to your bottom line.

Energy management is complex... Foresight is simple.


From reactive to proactive

Foresight aims to solve problems you may not be aware of. Our goal is to help you shift from simply paying monthly utility bills to having a proactive energy strategy. Our team knows energy. From utility bill rebates to rate structure analysis to energy procurement... we're your outsourced energy partner.


consolidation is our middle name

Tired of multiple logins? Utility bills piled up? Multiple buildings with various utility services? Meet Foresight.

Foresight allows you to track utility consumption across multiple buildings, view your entire portfolio, and as a bonus, you'll receive a monthly report... all in one place!


Tracking Multiple metrics? No problem!

Easily customize which utilities your company tracks, and add additional sustainability metrics at any time. We're currently tracking:


•  Landfill
•  Propane
•  Recycling
•  Safety Incidents
•  Solid Waste
•  Steam
•  VOCs
•  and more...

•  Electric
•  Natural Gas
•  Water
•  Compost
•  Diesel
•  Green Energy
•  Gasoline
•  Hazardous Waste

“The Foresight team validated that we are on the right utility rate structure, are not paying sales tax, and walked us through natural gas pricing options. For each, their expertise led to cost savings. For example, we mitigated the risk of fluctuating natural gas pricing with a fixed rate plan, resulting in $3,500 savings in the first year.”
— Craig Spoelhof, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Holland